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RunAlyzer is a multi-installation autostart & configuration management tool. It was designed to list as many possible autostart locations as possible, with special support for inactive installations, so one would for example be able to use it when booting from a Windows PE CD.

RunAlyzer includes a classification list of entries known as good or bad, and is able to update this information online. It may, when the user chooses to do so, also upload information about yet unknown entries for future classification.

It is able to export logs in Spybot - Search & Destroy as well as HijackThis format.


RunAlyzer shows its information roughly categorized as:

  • Autorun
  • Advanced Startups
  • Services
  • Winsock LSPs
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Explorer Plugins
  • Installed Software
  • Process List


RunAlyzer supports OpenSBI in that it allows to create SBI command drafts from some of its categories:

  • Creates rules for autorun entries
  • Creates rules for LSPs
  • Creates rules for scheduled tasks
  • Creates rules for explorer plugins