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Group Registry
Main Application Version 1.4 or later
1.5.3 for adv. file
Required Update n/a
File Parameters yes (sixth)
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters yes (sixth)
Special Parameters no

Removes data from a registry value.


RegyRemove:<description(string)>,<rootkey(enum)>,<keypath(string)>,<value(string)>,[,advanced file parameters]


RegyRemove:"Example",HKEY_CURRENT_USER,"\Hello\World\","remove1","silly "

If you start with this registry entry:

"remove1"="What a silly example."

You would end with

"remove1"="What a example."


This removes partial data from a registry value, keeping the value and the surrounding data intact. This makes sense only for REG_SZ, REG_EXPANDSZ and REG_MULTISZ values.

  1. First, a description. Using a description template instead of plain text is recommended so that the user will receive a localized version.
  2. The root key, where HKEY_CURRENT_USER stands for all users actually.
  3. The path to the value, starting with a backslash. PT
  4. The name of the value. An Algo-Prefix is allowed here. AP PT
  5. The data to be removed from the term. An Algo-Prefix is allowed here. AP PT
  6. Starting with 1.5.3, advanced file parameters for Flow Control can be specified. Before that, only advanced build parameters were supported, which are still of course. PT

Scan Results

  • A special entry that allows removal of parts of data during fixing.

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