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Group Files
Main Application Version 1.5 or later
Required Update n/a
File Parameters yes (first)
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters yes (first)
Special Parameters skipcount

NoOp is the short form of No Operation and is a simple command that does not anything to the results list, but can assist as a blind helper for some operations.


NoOp:<advanced file parameters>[,any number of optional useless fun parameters here]



The first example checks the environment variable greeting whether it is set to HelloWorld, and if so, lets the scanner skip the following 10 lines during On-Demand scans. The second example operates similarly, but tests only for the existance of said environment variable.


  • The first parameter is the only one actually used. You can specify a file name here using the filename advanced parameter, which will always be parsed first, and on which advanced file parameters are later executed (without filename, they'll be run on an empty filename). After 1.5.2, filename also supports path templates. PT

Scan Results

None, since this is a nearly passive command used only for flow control.

See also

Similar commands

None, this is a blind thing.