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Group Files
Main Application Version 1.5 or later
Required Update n/a
File Parameters yes (third)
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters yes (third)
Special Parameters filename

Adds a folder to the list of folders scanned during DownloadFile scanning.


DownloadDir:<folder(string)>,<recursive(boolean)>[,advanced file parameters]




This command adds a folder to the list of folders scanned at the end of the regular scan for any files defines by the DownloadFile command.

  1. Add a fully qualified file path including a trailing backslash as the first parameter. PT
  2. Set the second parameter to 1 to recurse this folder, 0 otherwise.
  3. You can specify advanced file parameters to add these only on special conditions. In this case, you have to add a filename parameter (which currently can be anything, the advanced file parameters will be used on all files), otherwise the command will be ignored.

Scan Results

None, this is a passive command affecting the DownloadFile scan at the end of the full scan.

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