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Searches the start menus (user and global) for links calling a file of the given filename.


StartmenuItemByLink:[link contents],[(boolean)partial],<advanced file parameters>


Example: StartmenuItemByLink:"spyware.exe","1"

This will search the start menu for a link pointing to the file spyware.exe, adding both the link and the file to the results list.


  1. Define the link target either complete, or partially, depending on the second parameter.
  2. Set partial in the second parameter to 1 if you don’t know the complete filename, else use 0.
  3. Use advanced file parameters to make sure the link points to the real malware file you're trying to locate.

You might want to use File instead, using the <$STARTMENU> or <$COMMONSTARTMENU> path templates, unless you depend on the link to find the actual file (in case it uses totally random names in totally random folders, for example).

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