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Group Registry
Main Application Version 1.3 or later
Required Update n/a
File Parameters no
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters yes (third)
Special Parameters no
This SBI command is outdated and will probably not be supported in Spybot-S&D 2.0. As of yet, it is unclear whether an automated conversion path exists. Automated conversion paths may also be less sufficient than a manual upgrade. We recommend that you take a look at RegyKey for a possible alternative command.

Searches for uninstall information by the name of the registry key for that uninstaller.


UninstallByKey:<key(string)>,<partial(boolean)>[,advanced build parameters]



This would detect the following registry key:

"DisplayName"="This Is Malware"


  1. Name of key, either full or partial, depending on second parameter.
  2. If you know only part of the name or a version number is included, set partial to 1, else use 0.

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