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Group Registry
Main Application Version 1.3 or later
Required Update n/a
File Parameters no
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters yes (second)
Special Parameters no

Searches the registry for a typelib with the given name.


Typelib:<typelib name(string)>[,advanced build parameters]


Typelib:"bdeplay 1.0 Type Library"

This will detect the following registry key:

@="bdeplay 1.0 Type Library"


Detects COM type libraries.

  1. The first parameter has to be the name of the type library.
  2. The second, optional, parameter allows you to specify advanced build parameters.

Unless you're looking at random GUIDs, it is recommended that you use RegyKey, possible along with advanced registry parameters to do the name check.

Scan Results

  • The identified type library registry keys.

See also

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