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This SBI command is outdated and will probably not be supported in Spybot-S&D 2.0. As of yet, it is unclear whether an automated conversion path exists. Automated conversion paths may also be less sufficient than a manual upgrade. We recommend that you take a look at RegyValue for a possible alternative command.

Looks wether the given file is registered with Windows as a shared DLL.


SharedDLL:[Part of name of entry (filename)],<advanced file parameters>




Tests for values in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDlls\.

  1. The first parameter can be any part of the whole key name, but should be descriptive. PT
  2. The second parameter may contain advanced file parameters.

Using a RegyValue and File would do the same, unless you had a totally random path to the file.

Scan Results

  • The registry value.
  • The associated file.

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