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SBI Commands are OpenSBI instructions, defined inside .sbi text files, that tell Spybot - Search & Destroy how it has to detect malware that you wish to be removed.

Commands usually have parameters; and these parameters are displayed in a comma-separated list, where parameters that contain spaces need to be quoted. It has become common style to quote everything except for registry root keys (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE etc.).

File:"This is a file entry","<$WINDIR>\Hello.txt","filesize>10"

An important thing to remember is that quotes within quotes need to be escaped with quotes. Sounds complicated? Let's see another example:

File:"<$FILE_EXE>","<$WINDIR>\Malware.exe","filesize=13937,""field[version]=CompanyName|Malware Inc."""

You can take a look at the list of commands to get a rough overview of available commands, and at the list of file parameters for details on parameters within parameters.

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