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Removes data from a registry value.


RegyRemove:<description>,<rootkey>,<keypath>,<value>,[,advanced build parameters]


RegyRemove:"Example",HKEY_CURRENT_USER,"\QATests\SBI\RegyRemove\","remove1","silly "

If you start with this registry entry:

"remove1"="What a silly example."

You would end with

"remove1"="What a example."


This removes partial data from a registry value, keeping the value and the surrounding data intact. This makes sense only for REG_SZ, REG_EXPANDSZ and REG_MULTISZ values.

  1. First, a description. Using a description template instead of plain text is recommended so that the user will receive a localized version.
  2. The root key, where HKEY_CURRENT_USER stands for all users actually.
  3. The path to the value, starting with a backslash. PT
  4. The name of the value. An Algo-Prefix is allowed here. AP PT
  5. The data to be removed from the term. An Algo-Prefix is allowed here. AP PT
  6. This field supports advanced build parameters.

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