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Searches for the defined registry key and adds it to the results list, if found.


RegyKey:[description],[rootkey],[keypath],[key],<advanced regy parameters>


RegyKey:"User settings",HKEY_CURRENT_USER,\SOFTWARE\,"Spyware"


Detects a registry key and flags it for removal.

  1. First, a description. Using a description template instead of plain text is recommended so that the user will receive a localized version.
  2. The root key, where HKEY_CURRENT_USER stands for all users actually.
  3. The path to the value, starting with a backslash. This may not include the actual subkey you want to remove.
  4. The name of the key to detect. You may use a Algo-Prefix here. AP
  5. To refine detection, you can use advanced registry parameters to check the actual data of the value. You may use Algo-Prefixes here. AP PT

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