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Group Registry
Main Application Version 1.4 or later
1.5.3 for adv. file
Required Update n/a
File Parameters yes (sixth)
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters yes (fifth)
Special Parameters value=change

Applies changes to the registry (TODO: this needs a better description).


RegyFix:<description(string)>,<rootkey(enum)>,<keypath(string)>,<value=change>[,advanced build parameters[,advanced file parameters]]



Used to handle a registry value that is set to a specified data. Using RegyValue plus a verifier may lead to the same result.

  1. First, a description. Using a description template instead of plain text is recommended so that the user will receive a localized version.
  2. The root key, where HKEY_CURRENT_USER stands for all users actually.
  3. The path to the value, starting with a backslash. PT
  4. The name of the value, and the proposed change. AP PT
  5. Advanced build parameters are supported in this field; verification through advanced registry parameters is not possible currently due to conflicts between the fix and verification codes.
  6. Starting with 1.5.3, advanced file parameters for Flow Control can be specified. Before that, only advanced build parameters were supported. PT

Scan Results

  • The registry values to be removed.

See also

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