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Looks wether the given registry value has another value then the given one.


RegyChange:[description],[rootkey],[keypath],[value & change],<advanced regy parameters - may not work>


RegyChange:"Last used directory",HKEY_CURRENT_USER,"\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\","Save Directory="


To delete a value only if it has a specific value, use RegyFix (supported since 1.3).

  1. First, a description. Using a description template instead of plain text is recommended so that the user will receive a localized version.
  2. The root key, where HKEY_CURRENT_USER stands for all users actually.
  3. The path to the value, starting with a backslash. AP PT
  4. An entry that is used to assign new data to a value. You can use a simple value=newdata; or for numeric values, value=dword:0815. Binary is possible as well. Algo-Prefixes are allowed for both value name and text data here. AP

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