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  ProtocolFilter:<name(string)>,<class-guid(guid)>[,advanced file parameters]
  ProtocolFilter:<name(string)>,<class(guid)>[,advanced file parameters]

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Group Registry
Main Application Version 1.5 or later
Required Update n/a
File Parameters yes (third)
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters yes (third)
Special Parameters no

Detects protocol filters.


ProtocolFilter:<name(string)>,<class(guid)>[,advanced file parameters]


ProtocolFilter:"SBI Test Entry 1","{CAFFEE60-1234-1234-1234-581735711111}","filesize>=1"


  1. Specify name of filter first. Use an Algo-Prefix if you want. AP
  2. Continue by the associated class ID, which also needs to be matched. Use an Algo-Prefix if you want. AP
  3. To further limit the detection, you can specify advanced file parameters for the file associated with the protocol filter.

Scan Results

  • The protocol filter registry key.
  • The associated CLSID, if found.
  • The file (usually a library) used by the protocol filter, but only if advanced file parameters were specified.

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