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This SBI command is outdated and will probably not be supported in Spybot-S&D 2.0. As of yet, it is unclear whether an automated conversion path exists. Automated conversion paths may also be less sufficient than a manual upgrade. We recommend that you take a look at Directory for a possible alternative command.

Looks for start menu groups.


PersonalGroup:<groupname(string)>,<partial(boolean)>[,advanced build parameters]



The first example would only flag the group Spyware, while the second one would also flag group names like UglySpyware or others where Spyware is a part of the name.


This one is very outdated. Do NOT use it, it simply has been added to tell upgraders about alternatives. Use Directory instead, using the <$STARTMENU> or <$COMMONSTARTMENU> path template, which offers you the same functionality, plus AlgoPrefixes to use pattern matching superior to just substrings.

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