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[[Category:SBI Commands]]
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Used mostly for usage tracks, this clears all entries inside a specified registry keys.


MRUList:<description>,<rootkey>,<key>[,advanced build parameters]


MRUList:"Recent file list",HKEY_CURRENT_USER,"\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recent file list"


Designed for usage tracks, this command will clear a given key by setting all string entries inside it to blank. This avoids problems with programs which would behave faulty if those values would be missing.

  1. The first parameter should be a description. Use description templates if you want.
  2. The second parameter specifies the registry root key. HKEY_CURRENT_USER sounds like a single user here, but actually means that every users registry will be scanned.
  3. The third parameter tells the registry key path where all values inside will be cleared.

Scan Results

  • The registry key if found and not empty; this will be cleared, not deleted, upon fixing, and is always a Usage tracks result.

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