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The information available throughout this Wiki, the OpenSBI forum and the associated OpenSBI software, called OpenSBI environment below, is copyrighted and covered in this license.


  • The OpenSBI environment was designed for, and is stricly licensed for, use by both home users and registered corporate customers, free of charge.
  • You may not use the OpenSBI environment, or any parts within, for commercial purposes.
  • You may not use tools to automatically scrape the OpenSBI documentation or database (you don't need to anyway unless you would want to violate the previous).
  • You may not use the software if you are a malware author or distributor.
  • Feel free to share the OpenSBI software, and the detection patterns you create, with anyone who's not on the forbidden list above, as long as you inform them about this license.
  • In exchange for us providing and maintaining this environment for you, you grant Safer-Networking Ltd. the exclusive right to use detection patterns you create in their software.
  • Feel free to write detection patterns for everything you like, including legit software, as long as you follow the following basic rules:
    • You agree to not publish patterns that are designed solely to harm systems.
    • You agree to not publish detection patterns for legit security software, unless you include, before the download and inside the file, good reasons to do so.
    • You may not mislabel detection patterns for legit software as patterns to remove malicious software.
    • For pattern that detect legit regular software, use the category PUPS.