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Searches the registry interface list for interfaces with the given name, pointing to the given class.


Interface:[name of interface],[name of linked class],<name of linked typelib>,<advanced build parameters>




Similar to CLSID, this is outdated and should only be used in cases where the related GUIDs are very random.

  1. The first parameter specifies the name of the interface to be detected.
  2. The second parameter specifies the name of the class that the interface is linked to as an additional criterion.
  3. Optionally, you may also provide a name of a typelib associated to further limit the detetection, as a third parameter.
  4. Fourth comes the dvanced build parameters that allow you to limit the detection to specific Spybot-S&D versions.

Using RegyKey along with advanced registry parameters might be an alternative to this command under many circumstances, make sure you really need this one before you use it!

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