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IniValueDelete:[description],[filename],[section],[value],[data],<advanced build parameters>



This example completely removes the screensaver entry when it points to a malware file.


This command removes a value from an INI file.

  1. The first parameter is a standard description; either plaintext, or better a description template, since that allows localization when displaying results to the user.
  2. The second parameter describes the file; you may use path template here.
  3. The third parameter describes the section inside the INI file; Algo-Prefixes are allowed here.
  4. The fourth parameter describes the name of the value; Algo-Prefixes are allowed here.
  5. The fifth parameter identifies the data the value has to match; Algo-Prefixes are allowed here.
  6. Optionally, you may use advanced build parameters in the sixth parameter.

You might want to take advantage of the Algo-Prefix <$REGMATCHn> result of previous <regexpr> checks here.

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