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  HandleFile:<handletype>,<handlename>[,advanced file parameters]
  HandleFile:<handletype(string)>,<handlename(string)>[,advanced file parameters]

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Group Files
Main Application Version 1.4 or later
Required Update 2008-03-05
File Parameters yes (third)
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters no
Special Parameters rescan

Identifies files of running processes using handles they've got opened.


HandleFile:<handletype(string)>,<handlename(string)>[,advanced file parameters]



Identifies the process that currently has an open file handle to, for example, C:\Test\HelloWorld.txt.


  1. This can be either a valid handle type name, or anything else to scan for all handle types. The handle type names supported here are, case-insensitive (please keep them lowercase anyway):
    • mutex
    • file
    • semaphor
  2. Specify the name of the handle as second parameter. AP
  3. Advanced file parameters may further limit down the list of matches to avoid ambiguous names. One special parameter here is rescan, which set to 1 will re-read the list of handles.

This command is available only as a plugin update currently; your updates should be at at least 2008-02-27 (beta update users) or 2008-03-05 (public update users).

Scan Results

  • Identified files.

See also

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