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Searches the desktop icons for one linking to the given filename.


DesktopIcon:[link name],[file name],<advanced file parameters>


DesktopIcon:"Our malware online.lnk","<$PROGRAMFILES>\OurMalware\Malware Online.url"  


  1. The name of the link file to detect, no path involved, Algo-Prefixes allowed. AP
  2. The name of the file the link needs to point to, Algo-Prefixes and path templates allowed. AP PT
  3. You should specify advanced file parameters as the third parameter to limit the detection by real file properties, since file names only can be quite ambiguous.

You might want to use File instead, using the <$DESKTOP> or <$COMMONQUICKLAUNCH> path templates, combined with the path template <$DESKTOP> and the advanced file parameter target[link], unless you depend on the link to find the actual file (in case it uses totally random names in totally random folders, for example).

Scan Results

  • The link file.

See also

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