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Group Registry
Main Application Version 1.3 or later
Required Update n/a
File Parameters no
Registry Parameters no
Build Parameters no
Special Parameters no

Searches the registry for a class with the given name.




CLSID:"Spyware Class","<$SYSDIR>\spyware.dll"
CLSID:"Dummy Class"

The second example would detect the following class:

@="Dummy Class"


Please do use RegyKey wherever the CLSID GUID itself is static; this command is reserved to identifying class IDs that are random and cn be identified only by their class name, or where you need to specify attributes of the associated file.

  1. The first mandatory parameter simply specified the exact name of the class.
  2. The second parameter can be a substring of the InprocServer32 filename. After 1.5.2, this also supports Algo-Prefixes. AP

Scan Results

  • The CLSID entry identified by the specified name.

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