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* [[Interface]]
* [[Interface]]
* [[RegyKey]]
* [[RegyKey]]
* [[RootClass]]
* [[Typelib]]
* [[Typelib]]

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Searches the registry for a class with the given name.


CLSID:[class name],<filename,<advanced file parameters>>


CLSID:"Dummy Class"

This easy example would detect the following class:

@="Dummy Class"


Please do use RegyKey wherever the CLSID GUID itself is static; this command is reserved to identifying class IDs that are random and cn be identified only by their class name, or where you need to specify attributes of the associated file.

  1. The first mandatory parameter simply specified the exact name of the class.
  2. The second, optional paraeter allows you to specify a file the class needs to point to to be flagged.
  3. The third parameter may only be specified if the second one is as well; it allows you to further limit the results down to classes for files that match certain advanced file parameters.

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